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Raiz Feliz Chunky Mix


Introducing our very own Raiz Feliz Chunky Mix! A versatile and innovative soil blend specifically created to cater to the needs of both aroid and tropical plants that thrive in chunkier substrates, as well as serve as an exceptional medium for our half-moon moss poles.


  1. Chunky Medium, Superior Drainage: Raiz Feliz Chunky Mix boasts an ideal blend of ingredients that provide the perfect balance of moisture retention and superior drainage. Its chunky medium ensures proper airflow to the roots, preventing soil compaction and waterlogged conditions, which are common concerns for aroid and tropical plants.

  2. Enhanced Root Development: The unique composition of Raiz Feliz Chunky Mix encourages robust root development. The chunkier particles facilitate root penetration and expansion, allowing your plants to establish a strong foundation for overall growth and vitality.

  3. Suitable for Half Moon-Moss Poles: Raiz Feliz Chunky Mix is not limited to potting alone. It serves as an excellent substrate for our half-moon moss poles, providing a stable base for them to thrive. The chunky texture allows for secure attachment of epiphytes and trailing plants, creating an inviting habitat for your plants while adding an eye-catching vertical element to your indoor oasis.

  4. Easy to Use: Raiz Feliz Chunky Mix is user-friendly, making it suitable for both experienced plant enthusiasts and beginners. Simply fill your pots or wrap your half-moon moss poles with this premium blend, and watch your aroid and tropical plants flourish in their new environment.

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